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Make a bold fashion statement with our Men's Rose 2 PC Double Breasted Pin-Stripe Suit. Designed to perfection, this suit features a sleek Skinny Fit that embodies contemporary style and confidence. The distinguished Peak Lapel adds a touch of elegance, while the Pin-Stripe pattern showcases a timeless sophistication. With Two Buttons and Two Front Flap Pockets, the double-breasted jacket exudes a refined charm. The two-piece set includes fully lined pants that perfectly match the suit, ensuring a seamless and polished look. Ideal for weddings and special occasions, this suit combines impeccable craftsmanship, modern appeal, and a touch of dashing flair to make you stand out from the crowd.

Product Features


Fit: Skinny Fit
Lapel: Peak Lapel
Suit Pattern: Pin-Stripe
Suit Buttons: Two Buttons
Jacket: Two Front Flap Pockets | Double Breasted
# of PC's: Two PCs - Jacket & Pants
Stitching: Fully Lined
Pants: Matching Pants



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