Weddings can be stressful - getting your suit shouldn't be. 

Get picture-perfect for your big day with our suits that give you a modern fit with timeless style. You and your groomsmen will look so good, you'll definitely be wearing these suits again.

Choose from our ready-to-wear and wedding look-book suit options that offer quality fabric and all-day comfort. 

GROUP DISCOUNTS For orders of 4+ suits for customers based in the U.S. you can get: 10% to 15% off your custom suit orders - or better yet, get free custom shirts, for perfect style & colour coordination. 25% off your ready-to-wear suit orders.

Start early - get your discount now, so that all the groomsmen will have enough time to order their great new suits.

GET A GROUP DISCOUNT WHY US? No matter whether you choose custom-tailored or ready-to-wear, we only use pure Merino wool by the best mills of Italy & the UK. Dedicated customer support for you & your groomsmen. We are there for you – we offer free shipping, free remakes & free returns.

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