Power Dressing

Power Dressing

January 14, 2018

The Art of Dressing For Success 


The clothes you wear hold a lot of power.  Think about the moment you walk into a room – immediately everyone is looking at how you’ve decided to present yourself. Now, imagine just how big of an impact you can make when the way you are dressed influences other’s confidence in you and creates a high quality image for yourself. Clothes can have that effect, and at Suits For Weddings we know first hand how much power lies in dressing well.


The most important characteristic of well-dressed individuals is their high level of confidence – their appealing exterior presentation to the world makes them feel good and everyone around them immediately feels that positive energy. So even before they pitch their big idea, or before they pop the big question to the one they love, they have already created an environment around them that is in their favor! Being well dressed may not be the key to achieving your dreams, but it does play a big part. To help, our team at Suits For Weddings put together a few tips that will ensure your power style is on it’s A-game.


When In Doubt, Overdress


The old saying is true – it’s always better to overdress than underdress. Whether it’s your first day at a new job, attending a dinner party, or going to a wedding - showing up underdressed will feel a lot more awkward than being the most formal one in the room.


Dress For The Task At Hand


If you’re going to a big boardroom meeting it’s pretty clear you should be wearing a suit. But, sometimes your outfit choice may be a little less clear. A couple things you should always consider are:


  • Location: Where are you going? Is your meeting taking place on a construction site? Think about your footwear and if you will be able to comfortably move around during your event or meeting. Also, check if there are safety regulations that you have to adhere to.


  • Weather: Always check the weather before you head out to your destination. Will you be spending a lot of time outside? If so, be sure you are dressed for the elements. Showing up to a site meeting without a warm coat and gloves in winter won’t give your colleagues a good impression on your preparation and planning skills.





Your Appearance Creates Credibility


Imagine listening to two people discuss a topic. Each is equally informed, well spoken, and educated on the topic. So, what will differentiate them from one another? It’s their appearance. You are most likely going to remember and trust the individual who is dressed well and dressed right for the topic they are discussing.


Investing in key pieces for your wardrobe that showcase quality, beautiful design, and well-fitting style will not only give you the confidence you need when you walk into a room, but it will also make your presence memorable to the individuals in the room. At Suits For Weddings we are always looking for the newest styles that are made with high quality materials, and designed for a tailored fit. Check out our new arrivals here or send us an email if you can’t find what you are looking for – our team of stylists are ready to help!



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