What to wear for a summer wedding

What to wear for a summer wedding

January 14, 2018

What to wear for a summer wedding


 The question we get asked most often at Suits For Weddings is: What do I wear to a summer wedding that will keep me cool but still look great? Summer weddings are as beautiful as they are popular. As soon as our calendars turn to May the wedding bells start ringing – and ringing, and ringing! So to help all our summer wedding friends (grooms, groomsmen, or guests), we put together our Ultimate Summer Wedding Men’s Dressing Guide for perfect warm-weather-approved wedding attire.


Focus On Fabric


The most important aspect of choosing the right suit for a summer wedding is the fabric. When it comes to breathable qualities, natural fibers reign supreme. Here are our three favorite fabrics for an easy-breezy approach to summer suits:


Linen: A fantastic choice that boasts classic style with a touch of suave sophistication. This warm weather go-to scores great on breathability, ensuring your skin stays cool when the sun is shining bright. Linen is known to wrinkle easily, but just take that as a part of the carefree vibe this fabric carries.


Fresco: Another great option, Fresco is an outstanding summer weather fabric that is surprisingly made from wool! The fabric is created through a technique that includes high twisted wool. The high twist creates an open weave, resulting in an airy fabric that is ideal for hot climates.


Seersucker: This puckered, striped, lightweight cotton fabric is exceptionally comfortable to wear when the thermometer begins to rise. Originally, Seersucker suits came in a blue and white striped design, but today’s market offers a range of colours to choose from. Fabric bonus: It never needs to be ironed, making it perfect for travel!


Lighten Up


The sun is shining, the grass is greener, and even the sky seems to be more blue –so, take note from mother nature and brighten up your suit game for the summer season. Heading to a destination wedding? This is your chance to rock a cream or beige toned look. If your eye has ever wandered towards the lighter shades of blue or grey in the suit department, than this is the perfect time to wear those colours with confidence!


Statement Blazer


The statement blazer is a great way to add some vibrant impact to your wedding suit ensemble without committing to a full bold look. A pop of colour, like a red sport coat in a light fabric, looks sharp when paired with blue pant. The same goes with a blue jacket paired with a tan or cream slacks. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even go with a printed blazer with a floral or polka dot motif.  A lapel in a contrasting colour from the jacket is another way to achieve this look in a more subtle way.


Finishing Touches


Don’t forget to add that finishing touch to your perfect summer wedding outfit. Are you going with a tie or taking a less formal approach and leaving your collar open? If you’re heading to a formal wedding, than wearing a tie is the way to go. A tie is a great way to add more character to your personal wedding style – patterns, exciting colours, and unexpected textures are all options worth exploring. A handkerchief is also must have for summer weddings – you’ll be thankful you have it handy when your forehead is in need of a little dab! Finally, your shoes and belt – two items that are often left as an afterthought, but really pull together your entire ensemble. Traditionally, the belt and shoes of a men’s suit look were preferred to match. In reality, they just need to be complementary. Stick with tones that are in the same family, and always think about the overall look and feel of the suit style your hoping to achieve.


Ready to choose your summer wedding suit? Let Suits For Weddings help you achieve your perfect wedding outfit goals that will keep you cool and stylish in any summer climate. Our team is here to help you plan your wedding party look from start to finish – get in touch today!


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