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Step into refined luxury with our Men's Ivory/Burgundy 2 PC Satin Shawl Collar Suit. This exquisite suit features a captivating Paisley pattern that effortlessly catches the eye, complemented by a sophisticated Shawl Collar and a single-button closure for a touch of elegance. The jacket is adorned with three satin side flap pockets, combining functionality with opulence. The pants, tailored to a flattering Skinny Fit, boast a matching Paisley pattern and satin side trim, creating a seamless and stylish ensemble. Complete the look with the included bowtie, crafted with matching satin and Paisley fabric, adding a charming finishing touch. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, this suit showcases a harmonious blend of luxurious details and modern design, ensuring you exude sophistication and class on your big day.

Product Features



  • Paisley
  • One Button Closure
  • Shawl Collar
  • Three Satin Side Flap Pockets


  • Skinny Fit
  • Paisley
  • Satin Side Trim


  • Matching Satin & Paisley 

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